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Adaptio – IBM Host Printing Software

Turn up to 128 LAN attached printers into IBM Host printers.

Investment Protection and Flexibility: You’ve already invested in your laser printers and you should have the freedom to choose which printers you will invest in down the road. Adaptio is not printer specific and works with any PCL based printer. It performs the conversion necessary from your IBM host system to your PCL compatible laser printers of choice. Take advantage of high-speed, high-performance printers and maximize your ROI.

Adaptio turns your Windows-based machine into a scalable IPDS print server. The IPDS emulation and datastream conversion is done within the adaptio software. No specific driver is needed.

Printers can be attached locally or remotely via a WAN or VPN.

Also provides bi-directional communication between the host for error reporting, page-range printing, and job control.

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